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Stateside Investor was developed by a International investment Firm specifically for USA investors.

We are your gateway to direct one-to-one contact with buyers and sellers and their representatives, from all over the world that is actively investing in the USA.

As large waves of national and international investors have been purchasing in the USA real estate, over the past 5 years we have found many investors have struggled to find good investment real estate opportunities through conventional methods of MLS and listing agents.

We are 100% investor focused and do not consider any other forms of real estate unless it is investment driven.

Therefore, we created this platform purely as a place for all investors to find, research and engage directly with agents and sellers of USA investment property. For sellers, we provide direct access to nationwide and international buyers who are the biggest buyers of USA real estate.

For Investors

Stateside Investors is the gateway for investor-buyers to purchase USA properties. We are the ultimate connection between investors and local property seller/agents. Whether you are investing in tenanted property, rehab homes, apartment buildings, fix and flip homes or land, we provide you with up-to-date opportunities.

  1. See the latest properties from established local sellers and agents.
  2. Deal directly with established local sellers and agents.
  3. No trawling the MLS or real estate websites for hours to make contact with the seller for unsuitable properties.
  4. We only display 100% investment properties for investors.
  5. See multiple pictures, details and key information that an investor requires.
  6. Join a great platform created by investors for investors.

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Properties Purchased by Investors

12% Net Return
Tenanted Property

$50,000 ARV $125k
Rehab Home

Cashflow $40,000 / yr
17 Unit Apartment

$9,500 1.25 acres

For Sellers

For sellers, we provide direct access to investors from who are driving the market right now with cash investments. This is the platform to go directly to the cash buyers nationwide and from overseas.

We provide you with active investment buyers for your USA investment real estate deals. We have hundreds of investors looking for USA real estate with a large concentration of buyers from within the USA, UK, Europe, Latin America, Singapore and China. Listing your properties for sale on this platform will instantly provide you with exposure to astute cash-ready investors.

  1. Exposure to qualified cash-ready international investors looking to buy USA property.
  2. Detailed investment listing for your property including detailed text, photos and videos.
  3. No dealing with the middleman or unproductive agents.
  4. Gain access to cash-ready international investors buying individual and bulk properties.
  5. Deal directly with investors.
  6. Grow your business through our marketing solutions to sell your properties overseas.

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Sellers Who Have Sold Here

Mr. Clarke
From UK Purchased 4 Units

Mrs Costa
From Italy Purchased 7 + 2 Units

Mr Robinson
From Australia Purchased 6 Units

Mr Lee
From Hong Kong Purchased 10 Units